191 Participants from 72 Countries in Istanbul: "Istanbul Fellowship" Starts

Istanbul Fellowship Program, which brings together publishers from around the world together in Istanbul, opens its doors for the fourth time. Representatives of publishing houses, agencies and editors will come together in Istanbul for three days to have copyright and translation talks. 
Preparations are completed for the fourth edition of Istanbul Fellowship Program, which is being organized by Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society for four years to bring together publishers from around the world. This year's organization will take place in Avrasya Center for Performing Arts and bring together the publication world in Istanbul. While the number of participants in the event is growing every year, this year will bring together the highest number of participants so far. Representatives of publishing houses, agencies and editors will come together in Istanbul for three days as part of the organization.
The number of participants in the Istanbul Fellowship Program, which was held on 26-27-28 February 2019, reached the highest level so far. Almost 200 publishers from 72 countries were selected to attend the program among 575 online applications from 103 countries. The publishers were classified according to different categories of program support, namely Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, and were provided with different degrees of support. While the Bronze package includes free ticket to the dinners, seminars and business meetings within the framework of the organization, the Silver Package also includes a 4-day hotel accommodation. The Gold Package, on the other hand, also includes a return flight to Istanbul in addition to the opportunities listed above.
This year's Fellowship Program is also distinctive as world-renowned publishing houses are also invited to the program. Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair and one of the leading figures of the publishing world, was among the participants in Istanbul alongside the likes of Ed Nawotka (Publishers Weekly editor), Gvantsa Jobava (President of Association of Georgian Publishers and Bookstores), Mohamed Sibai (Vice President of Association of Arab Publishers), and Thomas Atasana (Member of Indonesia National Book Committee).
As in previous years, the program attracted highest attention in Asia and Latin America. Indonesia was the first country in number of applications to the program followed by India, Brazil and Italy. The number of participants from the USA also increased this year, moving the country up in the list of countries with highest number of participants.
While the program facilitated the completion of more than 1000 preliminary copyright agreements and 1739 bilateral business talks, the number of participants continue to increase. Co-organized by Turkish Ministry of  Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society, the program has more ambitious targets every year.
Istanbul Fellowship Program, which was first organized in 2016 with a view to increasing the mutual cooperation between Turkish and foreign publishers and turning Istanbul into a copyrights market, has already earned a prestigious place within the publication industry.
Coinciding with the Eurasia Book Fair, Istanbul Fellowship Program will feature seminars with VIP participants for three days. Additionally, various events, concerts and shows on Russian and Japanese will also be performed as 2019 has been named Russia-Turkey and Japan-Turkey friendship year.
The event calendar, which will include talks on latest trends in publication world and literature, will be as follows:
26 February 2019 Tuesday
09:30 – 10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:00 – 11:00 Seminar: The New Trend in the Publication World: Professional Programs 
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Ed Nawotka – PublishersWeekly
1. Muhammed Ağırakça – Istanbul Fellowship Program
2. ClaudiaKaiser – Frankfurt Book Fair 
17:00 – 18:00 Seminar: Crime Novels Around the World
Venue: Avrasya Conference Hall
Moderator: Gamze Erentürk – YATEDAM - Turkey
1. ElisabetBrännström – BonnierRights – Sweden
2. Thomas Halupczok – SuhrkampVerlag – Germany
3. Nazlı Berivan Ak – April Yayınları – Turkey
17:00 – 18:00 Seminar: Children Literaure Around the World
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Tayfur Esen - Nar Press – Türkiye
1. OyunchimegBayarsaikhan - Nepko Publishing – Mongolia
2. ValentinaLetunova - Rosman Publishing House – Russia
3. Melike Günyüz – Erdem Yayınları – Turkey
4. Stefan Mijajlovic - EvroBook International – Serbia
27 February 2019 Wednesday 
09:30 – 10:15 Seminar: Publication Industry in Latin America
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Mustafa Doğru – Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society – Turkey 
1. GermánGacioBaquiola - Corredor Sur Editores – Ecuador
2. MariasolVera - EditorialCuartoPropio – Chile 
3. RicardoSanchezRiancho - TextofiliaEdicione – Mexico
10:15 – 11:00 Seminar: Publication Industry in the World
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Emrah Kısakürek – Association of Press and Publication - Turkey
1. CateBlake – PenguinRandom House – Australia
2. HungNguyenManh – Thai Ha BooksPublishers House – Vietnam
3. Thomas Atasana – BorobudurAgency – Indonesia
17:00 – 18:00 Seminar: Turkish As a Language of Translation
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Seda Darcan Çiftçi – Kaknüs Press - Turkey
1. Orhan Açıkgöz – TEDA – Turkey
2. ChiekoAdachi – Japanese Translator – Japan
3. ApollinariaAvrutina – Russian Translator – Russia
28 February 2019 Thursday 
17:00 – 18:00 Seminar: Independent Publishing
Venue: Asya Conference Hall
Moderator: Beste Bal – YATEDAM – Turkey 
1. SalomeCohen – Laguna Lİbros – Colombia 
2. EricLane – Dedalus – United Kingdom
3. YosefSmyth – Kube Publishing – United Kingdom
4. RohiniSrinivasan – Tara Books – India
5. Sedat Demir – Dedalus Kitap - Turkey
17:00 – 18:00 Seminar: Regional Publication
Venue: Avrasya Conference Hall
Moderator: Amy Marie Spangler – AnatoliaLit Ajansı – Turkey 
1. AoifeLennon-Ritchie  - TheLennon-RitchieAgency – South Africa
2. HarrietEgleton – DanielaSchlingmannLiteraryScouting Ltd. – United Kingdom
3. Micheál Ó Conghaile - ClóIar-Chonnacht – Ireland