Uluslararası İstanbul 4. Yayımcılık Profesyonel Buluşmaları Başladı. Son Tarih 30 Kasım 2018
Application For The 4th Istanbul Fellowship Program Is Open Until November 30, 2018


 In addition to around 300 Turkish publishing houses, almost 100 publishers from 16 countries will attend the event. Together, around 400 publishers will take part in the CNR Book Fair to represent around 600 trademarks. About 100 professional guests from Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Palestine, South Korea, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Mexico, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen will also attend the fair. 3rd CNR Istanbul Fair will be an international organization with about 100 participants from 16 countries.

The Opening Ceremony will take place in the World Trade Centre at Yeşilköy CNR Expo Fair Centre, Foyer Area of Hall 1. The Opening Ceremony will be honoured by Prof. Mr. Nabi Avcı, Minister of National Education; Mr. Mahir Ünal, Minister of Culture and Tourism; Ms. Seda Ramazanoğlu, Minister of Family and Social Policies; Mr. Vasip Şahin, Governor of Istanbul; Mr. Alparslan Durmuş, President of TBYM; Mr. Murat Köse, President of DEKMEB; Mr. Münir Üstün, President of BYB; Mr. Kenan Yabanigül, President of the Platform for World Without Handicaps; leading figures of the Turkish publication sector, 18 owners of publishing houses from 8 Arab countries and publishers from 16 countries.

CNR Istanbul Book Fair will open its doors for the 3rd time this year. This year will also feature the 1st Fellowship Programme, designed to foster mutual partnerships and support among the local and foreign publishers in a friendly environment of exchange and discussion among colleagues. The Fellowship Programme will take place on 4-7 March 2016, thanks to the material and moral support offered by Istanbul Governorate and Istanbul Development Agency.

18 professional publishers from Arab countries will be the guests of the event, which will feature business meetings, study visits, business dinners, tours to cultural and historic sites, visits to publishing houses and bookstores. Following the Opening Ceremony which is to take place on March 4th, the guest publishers will have a tour in the fair area accompanied by their hosts/hostesses. In the evening, a special dinner will bring Arab and Turkish publishers together in a historic venue. On March 5th, Saturday, a full-day meeting with participation of Turkish and Arab publishers will take place in the VIP Meeting Room in CNR Fair Centre. This meeting will provide a platform whereby Turkish publishing sector will be presented to the participants, which will be followed by an exchange of know-how and experiences between Turkish and Arab publishers. On March 6th, Saturday, the guests, Arab publishers, will be accompanied by the hosting Turkish publishers for a tour of the cultural, historic and touristic sites. Publishers will also pay visits to publishing houses and bookstores to make professional observations. On March 7th, Monday, which is the last day of the Programme, Turkish and Arab publishers will gather together in three parallel meetings in the morning. Publishers of children’s books, cultural books and classical and academic books, in exclusive meetings on their segments, will exchange know-how, opinions and experiences. Following the lunch in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the participants will attend a forum in the afternoon, where the answers will be sought to questions and problems identified by Turkish and Arab publishers. The forum will be honoured by Mr. Fahrettin Özdemirci, Head of Istanbul Treasury; Assoc. Prof. Mr. Abdülmecit Karataş, Secretary General of İSTKA; Mr. Halil İbrahim Bozkuş, Istanbul Regional Director of Customs and Trade; and Mr. İsmail Menteşe, Provincial Director of Trade, who will answer the questions of guest publishers.

The Closing Ceremony of the Fellowship Programme, which aims at providing a platform for exchange of information on the Turkish publication market and investment opportunities as well as discussion of potential prospects of cooperation between Arab and Turkish publishers, will take place on March 7th, Monday, in the form of a dinner hosted by Istanbul Governor Mr. Vasip Şahin at Topkapi Palace. 

In their joint statement about the event, the Presidents of TBYM and DEKMEB, the host institutions of the Programme, made the following remarks: “We would like extend our gratitude to Istanbul Governor Mr. Vasip Şahin, who offered his invaluable support to the Programme since the beginning; to Istanbul Development Agency which funded the organization; and to the employees of Istanbul Development Agency and all of our friends who exhibited intensive efforts and made valuable contributions to this Programme, which will provide a ground for negotiating and finalizing reciprocity agreements in the area of copyrights; for increasing the richness and variety of publications through cultural exchange; and for establishing new bridges that will foster employment and foreign investment thanks to bilateral relations that not only include cultural but also commercial exchanges. We would also like to thank foreign publishers for accepting our invitation to attend this Programme. We will be looking for their valuable contributions to Turkish publication sector.