Appointment System for Istanbul Fellowship Participants Opens

The online appointment system to be used by the participants of the 4th Istanbul Fellowship Program has been activated on the official website of the organization. Participants will be able to use the system to create their own schedules.

Istanbul Fellowship Program, which will bring together managers of publishing houses, editors, copyright agencies, Professional publishing organizations and publishing non-governmental organizations from around the world on 26-27-28 February 2019 will kick off in a few days. The organization has announced the opening of an online appointment system through which the attending publishers will be able to set their own calendars for the event. By using the system, the participants will be able to ask for and arrange an appointment with other participants.

The participants may create their own agendas for the event by using the online appointment system which has now been activated on the organization’s official website: The website will contain a list of all the participants, an introductory profile for all the participants and a special tool to set meetings. The system will be open until the end of the event.

The online appointment system will be open to the participants of Istanbul Fellowship Program, who can log in to the system by using the accounts they have created while applying to the program. The online appointment system is also mobile friendly. 

The log-in page can be accessed through the “log in” button on the top right corner of the organization’s website ( 

The system enables the users to create a 3-day appointment calendar and contains profile information for all the participants. You can also narrow down your search by using various criteria including the institution type, publication area, available days and hours.

This year’s online appointment system comes with a number of updates designed to maket he tool more user-friendly. One of the novelties is the notification board where you can track all the interactions in the system. Users are also able to see the viewers of their profiles. Another feature of the system that makes more user-friendly is that the appointment calendar can be linked with Windows, IOS and Android calendars. Any changes made in the online appointment system can be viewed using these tools as well.

Users can log on to the system through using their e-mail and password, after which the system directly directs the users to the 3-day calendar. You click on the “List of Participants” icon on the left to view other participants and arrange meetings.

This page contains an exhaustive list of all the participants including some basic information such as their full name, institution type, publication area and country. To set up an appointment on a certain day or hour, you can use the day and hour filters.

When you are done with the search, you can click on the participants’ profile pictures and access to more detailed information on the person or institution.

Following a search on the “List of Participants”, you can see a “Set Up a Meeting” icon under each participant. Clicking on this icon will send your appointment request to the participant in question.

When you click on the Appointment Calendar, you can download the appointment schedule in printable PDF format.

Participants may use the relevant button under their calendars to download their schedule into their mobile phones or Outlook accounts. All meetings, including new arrangements, revisions and cancellations, are automatically added to the participants’ calendar.

Throguhout Istanbul Fellowship Program, co-organized by The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society, participants will be provided with translation support and assistance by the organization team during their stay in Turkey. Additionally, shuttle service will be provided to help participants with their travels to and from the hotels to the meeting place.

Domestic participants can attend the dinners, seminars and business meetings organized as part of the program free of charge. Translation support will also be provided for domestic participants.