Uluslararası İstanbul 4. Yayımcılık Profesyonel Buluşmaları Başladı. Son Tarih 30 Kasım 2018
Application For The 4th Istanbul Fellowship Program Is Open Until November 30, 2018

Mohammad Radi

Previously, I participate many fellowship programs in the name of my publishing house in China, the USA, Europe countries, many Arabian Countries and Africa. When I compared Istanbul Fellowship to other fellowship programs, I can say that this program was successful in the meaning of organization, outcomes and results.

I expect that African Publishers will have a significant part in the 3rd Istanbul Fellowship Program. Due to good-will and cooperation agreements signed between Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society and African Publishers Union, I believe that in the 3rd Istanbul Fellowship Program many African Publishers will translate books from Turkish to African languages and these works will have a huge effect on spreading Turkish culture in the region. 

As a publisher, I think fellowship program is not only about copyright agreements. Except copyright agreements, I also observe that struggling with pirate publishing and copyright protection was carried on very successfully in Turkey. And honestly, I was very impressed by presentations and seminars we took about this subject. When we look at problems about struggling with pirate publishing and especially copyright protection especially in Arab countries and Africa, I think Turkey carried on exemplary works on this. Not only for copyright agreements but also to exchange of these kinds of experiences, I believe 3rd İstanbul Fellowship Program will be very effective.