President's Message

Dear Participants,
First held in 2016, İstanbul Publishing Fellowship has turned into an organization that brings together publishers from all corners of the world. The summit is held with an objective to bring together Turkish publishers with their colleagues from around the world, and to turn Istanbul into a global copyrights market. Every year, more participants snow up for the event.
İstanbul, which inspired many valuable works and which has been the capital of cultures, arts and books for centuries, is thus becoming the epicenter of the publishing world.
Turkish publishing sector is now the 11th biggest publishing economy in the world with more than 60 thousand titles published every year, a book circulation of 600 million and a total turnover worth more than 2 billion 500 million USD.
While the Turkish publishing sector continues to grow every year, several factors could be identified that boosts this growth.
Among these are:
- Freedom to publish and a strong legal framework,
- The momentum created through the events such as TEDA, İstanbul Publishing Fellowship and similar organizations under the leadership of sector representatives,
- A growing interest in Turkish films and TV series which is translated into a growing interest for books,
- A dynamic and productive coexistence of writers, illustrators and publishers.
In the last four years, Turkish publishing sector has taken new steps and started organizing Publishing Fellowship İstanbul with the initiative of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyrights and Licensing Society (TBYM).
The first two editions of the event were organized through the participation of TBYM member publishers. As of 2018, the program is open to all publishers, agencies, Professional publishing organizations, publishing non-governmental organizations and writers in Turkey. With its new outlook, the program has a much wider group of participants.
The First Publishing Fellowship Program was held in 2016 with the participation of 17 publishers from 9 countries. This program gave way to the sale of the translation rights of 178 titles.
The second program in 2017 attracted 30 publishers from 21 countries where the number of copyrights sales rose to 439.
The overarching objectives of these efforts is to turn Istanbul into the future's copyrights market. Consequently, the program has more ambitious goals every year. The program that was held on 9-11 March 2018 attracted 209 publishers from 66 countries, who held more than 1700 bilateral business meetings. The number of copyrights sales continued to increase with 533 deals completed by the end of the program. 
The 4th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship took place in Eurasia Center for Performing Arts in 2019. That year 200 participant from 72 countries were granted a place in the event and invited to the program. Additionally, 95 local publishers attended also the event. In total, 4. Fellowship Istanbul hosted around 300 publishers. Over 1000 copyrights were sold.
This year 620 publishers from 98 countries applied to the program. 175 of them were granted a place. Together with the 90 Turkish publishers, 265 participants will be on 5th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program which will be held in Grand Cevahir Hotel between 03rd -05th March 2020.
Goals and Objectives
- To increase cooperation amongst world publishers, to facilitate new business ties, to follow up the latest developments in the publishing sector.
- To contribute to the development of secondary sectors including copyright agencies, editors, translators, illustrators and printing houses.
- To create a suitable environment for publishers to come together and discuss business and to create a center for publishers to visit every year. 
- To turn Istanbul into an active player within copyright markets, and to ensure Istanbul becomes a sustainable professional copyrights market with its own and unique style.
İstanbul is fast becoming a global copyrights market thanks to İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for world publishing sector, too, as it will increase diversity.
Within this program organized for the fifth time this year, we are getting closer to our objective to create a network composed of publishers from the Balkans, Africa, Asia and Europe, and to integrate the Turkish publishing market with the whole world.
With its rich history, this wonderful city that inspired so many poets and authors is becoming the world's new gate to publishing sector. We are very happy to host you in İstanbul for İstanbul Publishing Fellowship.
Mustafa Doğru
Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licensing Society
President of the Board of Directors