TBYM 3rd Istanbul Fellowship Program

Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM) have initiated preparations for 2018 Istanbul Fellowship Program, which was launched for the first time in 2016 with a view to contributing to cooperation between Turkish publishers and publishers around the world and turning Istanbul into a copyrights market.
The program will be held for the third time in 2018. On 15 November 2017, a “preparation and planning meeting” took place in İnsan Kitap’s Beyoğlu office. Mr. Tayfur Esen, President of TBYM; Dr. Muhammed Hamidullah Ağırakça, Head of Committee of International Relations; Asst. Prof. Akif Pamuk, Head of R&D Committee; Mr. Murat Daoudov, Member of the Committee of International Relations; Secretary General Ms. Melahat Boran as well as representatives from member publishing houses attended the meeting.
Dr. Muhammed Hamidullah Ağırakça, Head of Committee of International Relations, delivered the opening speech for the meeting.

Offering a general overview of the Fellowship Program which was launched two years ago in partnership with Arab countries, Muhammed Hamidullah Ağırakça informed the participants about the development and current status of the program. Following Mr. Agırakça’s speech, the closing film of 2nd Istanbul Fellowship Program was screened.
“Our vision for 2018 is to reach 50 countries and 50 publishers” said Mr. Ağırakça after the screening of the closing film.
Mr. Hamidullah Ağırakça mentioned that the Turkish title for the program is “Uluslararası İstanbul Yayımcılık Profesyonel Buluşmaları” [“Istanbul International Professional Gathering of Publishers”]. The program is simply referred to as “Istanbul Fellowship Program” in foreign languages. Mr. Ağırakça then made a note on the program website www.fellowship.istanbul as well as social media accounts, and urged representatives of publishing houses to follow and promote such channels.

Turkish Publishing Sector on the Rise
Underlining that the main objective of the meeting is to evaluate the fellowship program together with the publishers and exchange opinions on “what we are doing, the current status of the program and what can be done in the future”, Mr. Ağırakça said that “the responsibility for the works to be carried out from now on belongs to TBYM. We have gained significant experience up to this day. There is another project we initiated last year: YATEDAM. With the momentum created through YATEDAM, we have achieved certain thresholds and took serious steps. As the organizer of the Fellowship Program, TBYM is entering into a wide network. We firmly believe that we will advance Turkish publishing sector in the future, possibly through initiation of bigger projects.”
Dr. Muhammed Hamidullah Ağırakça, Head of Committee of International Relations, closed his speech by inviting TBYM President Mr. Tayfur Esen to the floor to discuss the works carried out by TBYM, the newly defined vision and future targets.

Istanbul Fellowship is Turkey’s Project
“We are full of hope that we will keep on our good work” said Mr. Tayfur Esen, starting his speech with an air of optimism. “We regard [Fellowship Istanbul] as a project of Turkey that will occupy the agendas of all the publishers and that will be embraced and advanced by each and every publisher. We will keep on our work in this regard as long as Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society exists.
A Meeting Point for Turkish and Foreign Publishers
Stating that while copyrights of 184 books were sold in the first Istanbul Fellowship Program, this figure rose to 439 in the second Program, President Mr. Tayfur Esen remarked that “this is a very pleasing outcome for us, because we are talking about a Turkish publishing market which is aware of what it is producing and what it can sell in which market. The 3rd Istanbul Fellowship Program, organized and coordinated by Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society, is progressing well under the leadership of Dr. Muhammed Hamidullah Ağırakça, Head of Committee of International Relations. Of course, we tried to identify a horizon, a target for every one of us. The 3rd Fellowship Program will yield valuable opportunities for all of us. This program is gaining momentum as the meeting point of Turkish and foreign publishers, which in turn creates a synergy. In the past, we would organize such gatherings within the framework of book fairs abroad. Then we saw a necessity to organize these meetings in Istanbul. Istanbul creates value in many regards, and it can easily become a copyrights market. Hopefully world publishers will come to Istanbul to meet Turkish publishers. They will have a chance to see and buy your products here in Istanbul.”

50 Countries and 50 Publishers for 2018

Mr. Tayfur Esen referred to TBYM’s target for 2018, which is to invite 50 publishers from 50 countries. “Why 50 countries and 50 publishers? Because we have worked on the budget and currently this is what we can undertake. We are planning to host 50 respected publishers here. With an improved budget and financing, I believe we can achieve much more in the future.”
Fellowship.istanbul Portal Created for 2018
Stating that it will be possible to feel the pulse of Turkish publishing sector through the newly established portal, President Tayfur Esen said that “we are currently working on a new portal: fellowship.istanbul. My colleagues will shortly brief you about this portal. We are trying to keep the highest standards in whatever work we are undertaking. Thanks to this portal, you will no longer need to look for addresses and contact info of publishers or their responsible agent for copyrights. This is also the case for foreign publishers who look for such information about Turkish publishers. Thanks to this portal, it will be possible to feel the pulse of Turkish publishing sector as the Turkish and foreign users of the portal will easily access information about the publishers. Each publisher will choose what information they would like to share on the portal. In this regard, www.fellowship.istanbul will be widely used by people in the near future.

Our Target is to Make Turkey Home for an International Project
Our primary target for 2018 is to organize an International book fair in accordance with our criteria. The second target is to turn Istanbul into a copyrights market that will transfer, open and present the intellectual and cultural wealth of Anatolia in particular and our spiritual reach in general in the fields of culture, arts, education, literature, commerce and politics to abroad. Istanbul deserves this. In a similar vein, we will implement national and international projects for Turkish publishing sector. Thanks to our culture diplomacy, we will transform Istanbul into a cradle of civilizations and ideas. In this regard, we believe that our new portal, www.fellowship.istanbul will make great contributions to our targets. Our target is to make Turkey home for an International Project. Our determination, will and efforts as the management of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society show that all of these targets are to be achieved. We do not expect any setbacks in this regard”.

Your Contributions and Experience Are Most Valuable to Us
President Tayfur Esen closed his speech with reference to the valuable contributions and experience of member institutions of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society. “In this regard, your contributions and experience are most valuable to us. I would like to extend my thanks to the Head and each Member of Committee of International Relations, who put in great efforts to the Fellowship Program. Their hard work is most worthy of admiration. May Allah reward our efforts and give us strength for further work. Insha’Allah we will achieve much more in the future. Thank you”.

Following President Tayfur Esen’s speech, Mr. Akif Pamuk, Member of the Board of Directors [of TBYM] and Head of the R&D Committee, took the floor to inform participants about the works carried out so far, targets and future vision of the Program.
Turkish Publishers Should Play an Active Role
Mr. Pamuk started his speech by offering a general definition for Istanbul Fellowship Program, which, according to Akif Pamuk, is part of not only the culture industry, but also the creative industry sector. “I would like to start by emphasizing that this process, namely the organization of the Fellowship Program is the result of our joint efforts. As part of these efforts, what we need is to discover together and lay the ground for new ventures. In other words, this is not a standard program. On the contrary, this program is implemented under the coordination of the International Relations Committee with an opportunity for everyone to express their opinions and make their contribution. As a matter of fact, it is the participating publishers that define the scope [of the program]. As we have seen in the short film screened earlier today, the previous fellowship program attracted publishers from Indonesia etc. Nevertheless, the program now attracts publishers from many other countries including Norway, Germany and Finland. This fellowship program was designed as a platform where different cultures and publishers come together to interact. Of utmost importance to the future of the fellowship program is the active role to be played by Turkish publishers. To put it in a different way, if we, as Turkish publishers, become the culture-producing stakeholders of this process, we may easily be a part of a culture that sells copyrights to abroad.”

Apply to www.fellowship.istanbul Portal
On the other hand, according to Mr. Akif Pamuk, publishers that are not a stakeholder [of the process] will have to plan their business upon buying copyrights abroad, which accounts for up to 10% of the publishers’ expenditures: “Today, we are here to plan the 3rd fellowship program. We kindly ask you to be part of this process. We are organizing the Istanbul Fellowship Program here. What I mean is please inform and encourage Turkish publishers that may be part of this program. I am sure you have colleagues who produces quality outputs and with whom you can coordinate effectively. Tell them to apply [to Fellowship Istanbul].
This is a Huge Opportunity and We Can Make the Most of it Together
Mr. Akif Pamuk emphasized that Istanbul Fellowship Program provides a huge opportunity for publishers based in Turkey to cooperate. “We will work together to transform the conditions of the market and competition. In this way, we will not only make a great contribution to Turkish publishers but also create an opportunity to sell copyrights abroad. In 2019, you will see ‘copyrights sale’ as part of your income items. We can make the most of this opportunity together”.

www.fellowship.istanbul Portal: How to Log In?
The meeting was closed with the presentation of Ms. Nagihan Düzel, Coordinator of the Fellowship Program, who explained how to log in to www.fellowship.istanbul and register for participating in the program. (Click here for more info).