Who Are We?


The 1st İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program was organized on 3-8 March 2016 with participation of 17 publishers from 9 countries. By the end of the program, copyright sales were completed for 178 books for translation from Turkish into other languages.
On 23-28 February 2017, the 2nd İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program was organized, and this time the number of participants rose to 30 publishers from 21 countries, which completed the sale of 439 copyrights by the end of the program.
The 3rd İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program attracted 209 publishers from 66 countries, and more than 1700 talks were held throughout the program. The number of copyright sales rose to 533.
The 4th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program was organized on 26-27-28 February 2019 with 300 publishers from 72 countries. More than 2700 bilateral talks were held throughout the program, and more than 1000 preliminary agreements were signed for copyright sales.
This programme also witnessed the signing of a Cooperation and Reciprocity Agreement between Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society and The Association of Arab Publishers, which initiated cooperation with 14 countries that are represented by The Association of Arab Publishers.
As part of the program, a Cooperation and Good Faith Agreement was signed with The Association of African Publishers.
The 5th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program marked a new record in terms of participation with 780 publishers from 98 countries.
The program facilitated 2039 bilateral talks between 98 selected publishers from Turkey and 147 publishers from 53 countries. As a result of these talks, more than 1000 preliminary copyright sales agreements were signed.
İstanbul Publishing Fellowship was the first and only international publishing fellowship program in the publishing world in 2020 due to the restrictions arising from the pandemic. With the same enthusiasm and excitement, İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program has undertaken preparations for meeting the professionals from the publishing world in 2021.
The schedule was revised considering the pandemic circumstances, and the 6th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program will feature a mixture of online and face-to-face meetings. Our adventure with the books beyond the borders will continue at full steam.
The program will take place on 9-10-11 March 2021 and feature face-to-face and online “B2B” meetings. İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program looks forward to applications from publishers…
For the love of books, one more time, and all together…