Fellowship.istanbul Appointment System Has Been Activated

The preliminary meeting of the İstanbul 3rd International Professional Publishing Assembly that was jointly organized by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM) was held on Thursday, February 15.
More than 300 publisher from the 74 countries worldwide applied to the İstanbul Fellowship program and after the latest assessment, over 113 publisher from 66 countries were decided to attend the program. Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society will host these publishers on 9-10-11 March 2018 in İstanbul.
Within this scope, the Turkish Publishers who registered in the International İstanbul 3rd Publishing Professional Meetings by means of the website www.fellowship.istanbul, were invited and informed about the online appointment system and the points to be considered during the appointment, at the preliminary meeting held at İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Investment and Services Information Center (Sütlüce).

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Activities Deputy Director Murat Arslan also attended the meeting.  In the meeting, Nagihan Düzel, the Coordinator of Fellowship İstanbul, demonstrated how the appointment system will be realized via www.fellowship.istanbul website and what should be taken into consideration when choosing the publishers.
YATEDAM Director Gamze Erentürk gave technical information about book selection, catalog preparation and foreign publisher's appointment selection. Likewise, Damla Publishing House's Copyright Officer Emre Can informed the participants about requirements to be fulfilled to make Fellowship İstanbul more productive and the issues that requires attentions.
Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah Ağırakça, the International Relations Commission Chairman, introduced the meeting, which has been held as a preliminary meeting of the İstanbul Fellowship program. The program was initiated by TBYM in 2016 aiming to bring together and integrate the Turkish publishing world with the international publishers and to make İstanbul as a copyright marketplace.

129 Turkish Publishers Applied
Commission Chairman Ağırakça emphasized that 129 publishers from Turkey applied to the İstanbul 3rd International Professional Publishing Assembly. He also stated, "we will conduce the 250 publishers meet in İstanbul for 3 days, during the program."
Tayfur Esen, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society, made opening speech of the program which was conducted in cooperation with İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
Chairman Esen started his speech with these words, "I am dreaming now and hoping that this dream will never end and will come true.” He continued his speech, “I wanted to share this dream with you. We do a job that we believe in and we will get tremendous results. The name of our business is copyright sales.”

Chairman Esen continued his words as explaining the meaning of the "Copyright,"  and said, "Copyright has different meanings. One of the meaning is producing, whereas the other is integrating, making familiar and creating an environment of mutual affinity. Don’t you want to meet with your fellow publisher who are dealing with the same work with you and have the same enthusiasm, concerns and meticulousness with you? Don’t you want to share knowledge and experience with them? Of course you want…! Would you like to give presents to the people of the world and to the publishers of the world? Of course you would like. So, how do we come together to realize that? The İstanbul Publishing Professional Meetings that we have realized for the last 2 years and will realize the 3rd one this year give us this opportunity.”

İstanbul Fellowship is an İstanbul Project
Chairman Esen, who underlined that they don’t demand any kind of payment from the participants for the sale of the copyright. He also expressed his gratitude to the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the support they gave and stated that "We, as TBYM, wanted to focus more on the content of the organization than the financial issues, we needed an institution to deal with all the financial issues. At this point İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality contribute a valuable support to us, the Municipality expressed openly, “do whatever needed, we will always back up you, İstanbul Fellowship is an İstanbul project”. Finally, I would like to thank İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality for their precious support. "

Start (Day 1) Friday, March 09, 2018
After the Chairman Esen’s speech, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah Ağırakça, the International Relations Commission Chairman, gave a brief information about the İstanbul 3rd International Professional Publishing Assembly which will be held on May 9-11, 2018. Chairman Ağırakça stated about the program flow, "The program will start on Friday, March 9, at 09:30. Following the short addressing speech, there will be 10-minute presentations aiming to inform the foreign participants, including the topics of Turkish publishing market, the copyright works in Turkey, presentation of TDA about Kitapkent Project. Opening session will be held between 9:30 am to 11 am. And from 11 am to 11:30 am there will be a coffee break. Apart from the lunch break, our appointment programs will continue from 11:30 am to 17:30 pm.
Chairman Ağırakça also recommended to the participants to arrange their appointments at intervals of half an hour. He stated that: back to back appointments sometimes overlap and cause waiting. We recommend refreshing for a while. Of course, this is at our publisher's discretion "
Day 2 Saturday, March 10, 2018
On Saturday, March 10, Hamidullah Ağırakça stated, “There will be two separate sessions from 09.30 am to 11.00 am in the morning, we will listen to the foreigners in this session. We are selecting different language speakers. They will convey us their experiences about the copyright they bought in Turkey. Again, from 11:30 am to 17:30 pm we will continue our bilateral interviews.
Day 3 March 11, 2018 Sunday
The last day of our meeting program will be held on Sunday, March 11th. Because it is Sunday, we do not have a morning program. We will have bilateral interviews from 11:30 am to 17:30 pm. You will create your own interviewing programs via www.fellowship.istanbul and will meet in Wow İstanbul Hotel to realize the program you created. We will support you by providing interpreters in English, Arabic, Spanish and French during your interviews. Foreign participants will be able to make appointments among themselves, but Turkish participants will not be able to make appointments with each other.

After the Chairman Ağırakça’s speech, Gamze Erentürk, the Director of the International Publishing Copyright and Consultancy Center (YATEDAM) was invited to chair for her speech.
Gamze Erentürk, gave information about some requirements to be fulfilled before starting the appointment and interviewing processes with the foreign publishers. In her presentation she addressed the 3 basic problems to be dealt with in the preparation phase.
Pointing out the multi-staged-aspect of the professional program process, Gamze Erentürk stated, "As being publishers, you have the most important role here. The first stage is applying the program. The second stage is the professional part, namely the preparation part which is really important and will affect your interviews. From this point of view, I think that we can complete this process by trying to find out the answers of these 3 basic questions: What? Whom? How? "
Emphasizing what should be presented to the publisher first, Gamze Erentürk said, "You may have more than one books, but it is not right to present all of these books to the publishers in a lump. You can progress in sequence of the publishers you made appointment. You can go to a publisher by specifying 3-4 books. At first you should determine the books in your publishing house. Second important issue is to whom you would like to present these books. You can accomplish these two issues together depending on your work experience."
Gamze Erentürk added, “When the appointment system opened, the participant will see the foreign publishers profiles directly. Requesting appointment from every publishers randomly is not logical. Because, after seeing your profile they may refuse your request. The most important thing here is selecting the correct publishing house which are publishing the same type of the books you print. For that reason, viewing the profile and published books of the foreign publishers in the system will be advantageous for you. Viewing their websites and catalogs have importance in this respect.
Gamze Erentürk pointed out that each publisher has its own economic situation, book volume and number of publications, and she emphasized the importance of the presentation for the book with these words, "Presenting your books is one of the most important points. You can prepare a one-page leaflet, illustrating technical information, summary and cover page of the books you selected. This is probably the quickest and easiest method of presentation. The second important point  is the preparation of a publishing house copyright catalog in English. As English is the language of the world, you had better prepare your books in English in PDF format and present in a flash disk. Children's books can be regarded more advantageous in this respect. Because you present them visually and this influences the decisions of the target audiences."

Fellowship İstanbul Coordinator Nagihan Düzel, who was invited to the chair after YATEDAM Director Gamze Erentürk, also introduced the appointment system in a practical way.
Starting her presentation by emphasizing the importance of the examinations of the publishers profiles, Nagihan Düzel, stated, "If you introduce yourself better, you will get the better results. To recognize each other easily, every participant should place its photo at its profile.”
She added, “All participant shall log in their account and fill their profile information completely. The participants who want to make an appointment, will be able to easily reach the publishers they want to meet by making a search based on the type of the book, the institution and the country.”
Nagihan Düzel explained the methods of making appointments and ratifying the other participant’s appointment with these words, "Our İstanbul 3rd International Professional Publishing Meeting program will last for 3 days and you will have 30 minutes of interview opportunities in these 3 days. This means a total of 30 appointments. I would recommend you to make these 3 days full, by taking breaks and without straitening yourself. The calendar of the publisher you want to meet will appear in the program. In the program, the appointment request, goes to requested participant’s desk and indicates that participant’s number. The color green indicates that your request has been approved. Straw yellow shows your incoming appointment requests, namely a foreign publisher wants to meet you. Dark yellow indicates the appointment requests that you have sent. And white indicates the cancelled appointments.”

Emre Can Petek, who was invited to the chair after Fellowship Coordinator Nagihan Düzel, focused on the points to be considered before and after the appointment.
Emphasizing the importance of examining of the catalogs of the publishing houses before the appointment, Emre Can Petek pointed out the importance of having certain books in these catalogs, especially the awarded books or the books candidates for awards.
Emre Can Petek added: “Filling out the pre-appointment interview form has importance to leave a positive impression on the foreign publishers, you should not talk about financial issues overmuch during the appointment, a friendship talks could be more productive in an intimate environment.”
The preliminary meeting of the İstanbul 3rd International Professional Publishing Assembly came to an end after the presentation of mutual opinions and proposals.