Istanbul Fellowship Preparation Meeting Held

Preparatory meeting for Istanbul Fellowship Program was held in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Investments and Services Information Centre with participation of publishing houses and agency representatives.

Istanbul Fellowship Program, which will be organized for the fourth time in February this year, is approaching. 150 publishers from 72 countries will meet Turkish publishers as part of the program. 85 domestic publishing houses will also attend the event. A preparatory meeting was held as we approach the program, which is co-organized by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society. Representatives from domestic publishing houses and agencies attended the preparatory meeting to discuss the publishing house selection process, promotion of the appointment system and things to keep in mind during appointments.

The preparatory meeting for the Istanbul Fellowship Program started with a speech by Mustafa Doğru, President of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society.

Underlining that much has been done to contribute to the promotion of Turkish publishing sector, Mustafa Doğru stated: "Istanbul has been the unnamed capital city of culture, commerce and arts for a long time. Now, it is also becoming a brand in publication. We will represent Turkish publishing sector before participants from all corners of the world." Mr. Doğru also said that the organization will provide an oppotunity to promote Turkish literature and novel to international participants, and that the high number of participants gives the organization hope for future.

Emrah Kısakürek, President of Association of Press and Publication, took the floor following TBYM President Mustafa Doğru and made the following remarks: "We used to gather around small little tables, now we gather hundreds of people. The biggest credit for the incredible rise of the Fellowship Program should go to the publishers, who showed great interest in the program." Kısakürek also mentioned that Eurasia Book Fair, which coincided with the Fellowship Program, will be a huge opportunity to promote our publishing sector before international participants who will make great use of visiting the fair. Kısakürek thanked to the contributors for their efforts in the last four years before finishing his speech.

Gamze Erentürk, member of the coordination board of the program, delivered a presentation on the online appointment system and most recent preparations prior to the professional program. Erentürk underlined the importance of promoting books during one-to-one meetings with publishers and offered some tips to the participants on what books to recommend to foreign publishers, how to choose partners and how to present our projects.

Beste Bal, also a member of the coordination board, informed the participants on important points to take into account during meetings to be conducted as part of the program. The meeting ended with a Q&A session.

The participants of the Fellowship Program will have a chance to devise their own appointment schedule through using the online appointment system on, the official website of the organization. The online appointment system, which allows the users to access a list of all the participants, to view the profile information of participants and arrange their own meetings will remain open until the end of the program.

Publishing house managers, editors, copyright agencies, representatives from publishing professional organizations and publishing nongovernmental organizations will come together in Istanbul Fellowship Program, which will be held on 26-27-28 February in Avrasya Center for Performing Arts.